Our line is inspired by the practice of adornment that is so abundant in other cultures. It is a response to the universal desire to embellish and beautify. Using materials such as fine metals,natural fibers and beads, we hand forge each piece to create a sort of talisman to the wearer, a grounding source, an elaborate whisper. 

Our name, The Salt Empire, is inspired by the animals who have instinctively forged trails to natural sources to satisfy their need for salt. We're inspired by the tribes,who discovered how salt helped to preserve food, cure hides, heal wounds and the nomadic bands who would have carried salt with them and traded it with other bands for different goods. We are compelled to find inspiration in this nomadic spirit, in a conversation, in the movement. To create from a place that acknowledges that our own personal expression and experiences are real and authentic while still connected to a history.